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Hand Poured Candles - OLE MASON JAR

Hand Poured Candles

Scent Nook
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Brought to you in partnership with our friends, and Arkansas based, Wax Candle Company.

Each candle is hand-poured in Helena Arkansas, and features scents such as leather, tobacco, fresh wood, oak moss etc..

Finally a candle for men, each scent comes in a rustic 1-cup Mason jar with a 50-65 hour average burn time.


  • Dusk - A diffused forest blend of bark, leaves, pine needles and fresh evening air – Dusk opens a window in the back of your mind.

  • Nook - Hand-rubbed wood, old paper and worn-leather, delicately blended to create a scent familiar to a hometown library.

  • Tobacco Leaf - A masculine, comforting blend that is rich, woodsy, sultry and truly unique.

  • Leather Boot - Leather! Just like walking into a favorite western store.

  • Habadash - Leather jacket, balsam fir, brass and oakmoss come together to replicate the classic scent of haberdasheries from long ago.

  • Cocobolo - A light, woody scent, with subtle notes of spice and floral that is pleasingly aromatic.

  • Oakmoss - A sensual, earthy aroma with green bitterness, bark-like qualities and a slight leather undertone.

  • The Gentleman - Blended scents of leather, musk and earthy woods are hidden within this light smell of pine. An aroma reminiscent of a true gentleman!