Our Story


Founders Filipe Ho & Bradley Rhyne


OMJ is a men's clothing and lifestyle brand founded in Charlotte, NC in 2013. Our southern roots, mixed with our love for menswear, style and clothing, led us to create a lifestyle brand that is sophisticated, right for the time and never overdone. In today's world of fast fashion and big box retail, we are the opposite, making it less about "more stuff" and "limited interaction" and more about a few exceptionally well made pieces and an amazing in person experience that leaves our customers feeling confident, inspired and more knowledgeable than they were before their experience with OMJ!


Our Mission

Make it Simple, but Significant 

We believe everyday should be viewed as another chance to make a positive impact on the world. Long ago we learned, the flashiest and loudest personality in the room is not always the best. Many times it is the person that doesn't have to speak at all that carries the most weight in a conversation, and a big component of that is how someone is dressed. Simple timeless and classic pieces that are right for the occasion and subtle details and designs are often the recipe for creating presence in any situation. 

Origins of the Name OMJ

When we founded OMJ in 2013, it was as OLE MASON JAR (since shortened to just OMJ)

When starting our brand, we wanted a name that represented our southern heritage and the brand we ultimately aspired to be. Being from North Carolina, the mason jar is an iconic item that brings back great memories and nostalgia of a time that once was. In fact, to this day our grandparents still preserve their own garden grown vegetables in mason jars. The mason jar is simplistic, yet symbolic, loved by many and recognizable by all. It transcends trends, is never overstated and incredibly versatile in its use and application. It was a true "AHA" moment realizing the mason jar was an absolutely perfect symbol for who we where as a brand and where we wanted to go in the future!