Introducing: Pocket Squares

Introducing: Pocket Squares

Here, at OLE MASON JAR, we produce some pretty amazing bow ties, lapel flowers and pocket squares to suit each gentleman's personal style. In fact, every one of our pocket squares are handmade in our showroom (located in Charlotte, NC), by our talented seamstress, Edna Jones of our partner Cassandra's Alterations.

We love our pocket squares, but we thought it was time to show you what makes them special!

Handmade in usa pocket squares charlotte nc

The Process

Our fabrics are hand sourced from all over, but mainly off the path fabric stores located in New York City.

We search for unique, yet classic fabrics, and often times only grab enough to make just a few squares in each pattern. After purchasing a few yards of the chosen fabrics, we then proceed to bring the fabrics back to our showroom in Charlotte to be hand rolled and stitched by Edna.

handmade in usa pocket squares charlotte nc

Why Choose Hand-Sewn?

Hand rolled pocket squares will not fray and have a neater finish. The stitches are also more fluid, and will drape and fold better compared to those sewn on a sewing machine. Machine-made pocket squares are typically stiffer in texture and not as workable as a handcrafted pocket square.

Hand-sewn pocket squares are also unique, as each individual stitch is stitched by a working hand, and do not possess the repetitive and monochromatic stitching automatically produced by a machine.

handmade in usa pocket squares charlotte nc

With better quality and craftsmanship, why not choose a hand sewn pocket square? We hope you will appreciate and love them as much as we do!

Our pocket squares can be found in-store or online here. Remember, we only make small runs of each style, so check back often as we are continuously adding new ones!


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