Lifestyle: Meet Our Seamstress Cassandra

Lifestyle: Meet Our Seamstress Cassandra

A man wears a suit; the suit is not supposed to wear the man. Thankfully, we have partnered with Cassandra Faulk, owner and founder of Cassandra's Alterations. Cassandra works alongside Edna Jones, who specializes in Ole Mason Jar's hand sewn, North Carolina -based pocket squares. As a team, Cassandra and Edna are able to alter and perfect the fit of everything we offer right here in our showroom, allowing us to truly guarantee a perfect fit for everything we make.

Cassandra's passion for sewing began at a young age, creating a dress that would inevitably lead her to a future as a seamstress. Her eye for detail, steady hand and passion for tailored clothing coincides with our interests here at Ole Mason Jar, and we aspired to get a closer look at the woman who allows us to include complimentary alterations for everything we make!


Rachel: When did your interest in sewing first begin?

Cassandra: I began sewing at the age of ten when I designed and constructed my first dress. I have loved it ever since!

Rachel: When did you turn your passion for sewing into a career?

Cassandra: At age sixteen, I worked in a men's clothing shop in Lumberton, where I learned how to alter clothing; however, I did not turn my sewing hobby into an actual career at this point in time.

Rachel: What did you do with your time before your alterations career began?

Cassandra: I decided that I wanted to further perfect my skills as a seamstress by gaining an education at King's college. After I graduated in 1975 with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, I began working in the corporate world, which did not personally fulfill me. I knew that I needed to integrate my passions into a career in order to share my talents with others and make the most out of life!

Rachel: What are your favorite projects to work on/alter?

Cassandra: Formal wear and wedding gowns! I have always had an infatuation with beautiful elegant dresses. As a matter of fact, my favorite project involved a wedding dress!

Rachel: Tell us more about that project!

Cassandra: A bride came into my shop with a wedding dress needing to be altered, but that particular dress had an impressionable story attached. The dress belonged to her mother, who passed away the previous year after an ongoing battle with breast cancer. The bride desperately wanted her mother to be included on her special day, and made the decision to represent her mother by wearing her dress down the aisle. After I altered the dress into a more modern design, the bride tried on the dress, which brought about a great deal of emotions. This woman's touching story reminded me of why I truly love my job. By altering these dresses, I am able to provide comfort for the bride in knowing that they will look and feel their best on their big day. 

Rachel: Is there anything in particular that you enjoy doing or specialize in?

Cassandra: Alterations with the original hem in tact! By keeping the original hem, the alteration is barely noticeable and manages to withhold a clean, sleek look.

Rachel: What brought you to Uptown Charlotte?

Cassandra: My move to the uptown region is actually a miracle in itself. I worked on 7th Street from 2006-2012, and decided to move my business to an emerging and prosperous location in the University area. After signing the lease for my new space, a rapid fire completely burned down my shop in University. If I had not signed the lease to work uptown, I would have found myself in an extremely sticky situation!

We thank Cassandra for sharing her story, and for all of the hard work she does for us here at Ole Mason Jar! And if you need something altered, make sure to stop in and see Cassandra for all your personal alterations as well!

Cassandra's Alterations Operating Hours:
148 Brevard Court
Tuesday-Friday: 1:00-6:00
Saturday: 10:00-2:00

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