Guide: How To Wear Your Pocket Square

If you've never worn a pocket square before it might seem like a challenge.  Don't worry, wearing them is easy!  As with any accessory or style, all it takes is a little confidence in it and you're set. Remember to check back to our guide on folding pocket squares if you need any inspiration. 

Wear With Confidence

Dressing Up

When you wear a simple pocket square with the right wardrobe, it is elegant and adds a touch of dapper style.  It is a classic look for men to wear a pocket square when they wear a tux.  Classic pocket squares, such as plain white or white with a colored border, are a perfect starting point.  You can channel your inner Don Draper and not worry about being extravagant at the office or special event.  On the other hand, you might want to have some more fun with your pocket square decisions. 

Casual Wear

Pocket squares come in all different shapes, sizes, textures, patterns and colors. The Cumberland Plaid pocket square is a great starting point to add color and spunk to an outfit.  They are also an easy accessory to wear on their own with a simple shirt and jacket.  Effortlessly cool, this fun item will surely put the finishing touch on any casual outfit. Remember it is all about how you feel when wearing one. 

Coordinating Wardrobes

Matching Your Square

Don't match it! You want the pocket square to complement your other accessories and not match something completely.  If you're wearing multiple accessories, such as a bow tie and pocket square, choose a color that ties into both.  Maybe you have a bow tie with a pink detail in it, wear a pocket square that is pink or has some sort of pink detailing.  Complementing accessories have a more polished look and will set you apart. 

Wearing The Right Fold

For formal occasions, you might not want to wear an extravagant fold.  These situations usually call for a more toned down look with regards to color and folds.  The best fold for formal is the straight fold.  If you're venturing out and wearing your pocket square more casually (as you should), the fold option is up to you!  If you're just starting out wearing a square, start simple and work your way up to the more complex folds.  In the end though, have fun with it!  


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